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Based on a deep-seated belief that active community involvement is our humane responsibility, Continuing The Dream's founding members decided that the burden to uplift our communities is ours and ours alone as humans.   CTD will ride, stand, walk and talk with our commitment to help young Americans as well as all youth achieve focus, vision and concern for their communities. 

That's why this non-profit organization was created.

Dr. King dreamed of a people committed to the service of humanity. Let's awaken our communities and our spirits to make that dream a reality. Like Dr. King, CTD believes that love is more powerful than any other emotion and any weapon that man can conceive.




CTD will establish a list of businesses and locations where youth can volunteer their time and maintain records of hours worked. The hours can be used to gain job experience in a variety of areas or credits for payment toward college attendance.

CTD has established volunteers, retired and currently employed with CDCR to participate in school board hearings throughout the state addressing behavior and attendance concerns with parents of students and students, which is a created goal of CTD for the communities we live in and those we serve around the state.


COrrectional Employees community youth group

In 2007, Continuing the Dream (CTD)  was established as a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) employee’s community‘s youth group. This non-profit youth organization is CDCR employees direct community relations effort to assist our community’s at risk youths and extend our professionalism within our communities.

CTD established a Headquarters Office in 2007 as a solid sound operating location for the benefit of our community’s youth.

CTD provides workshops for students at risk of failing and/or dropping out of school, including workshops in anger management and gang violence, as well as workshops that include a live television feed from incarcerated inmates, for students in all school districts throughout California, free of charge to schools.

CTD has gained recognition as a qualified consultant for issues relating to student behavior and attendance. Wardens from prisons throughout the State participate by rotating prisons employees to attend Student's Attendance Review Board (SARB) hearings nearest to their facility.

CTD is the recipient of an award from the San Bernardino Unified School District, the largest school district in SB county with over 64.000 students for leading CDCR into the educational system in California as a valuable resource of assistance for parents of students and students dealing with attendance/truant and behavior concerns, (CTD) also assisted the San Bernardino City School District in achieving the Model SARB award from the State of California Department of Education for improving student attendance/truant toward a record high improvement level, CDCR also shared this award as a recipient. 

about continuing the dream and OUR services

CTD supporting membership services is supported from contributions/donations ​of monthly dues from correctional employees in California correctional system,from all facilities/offices and regions of employees in California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).

CTD constantly monitors the policies of all major educational agencies and criminal justice agencies and pursues changes where needed to reflect the interests of our community’s youth.

The CTD official founder serves as a state wide board member of SARB County Board representing all school districts in our great state of California.

CTD assisted the County Student Attendance Review Board for California with revisions of the SARB process for all school districts. 

CTD has helped youths maintain focus on the idea of making a positive difference in the life of others with the understanding that everyone has great value. 

CTD has established a citywide combined Annual Cultural Celebration Festival to reflect their communities.

Continuing The Dream (CTD) employees youth group is a professional community youth-based program supported by CDCR employees, an extension of CDCR employee professional services to our community’s youth.

CTD provides and maintains awareness of issues affecting our community’s youth that may lead them to the criminal justice system.

CTD provides a forum through which its members and those in related fields can exchange ideas, offer services, and develop training programs that will lead our youths in a positive direction and to assist them in making better choices. 

CTD has created an atmosphere within our community's schools and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) where students and educators welcome our contributions as we serve our community's youths and families in need.

CTD affects positive changes in the Student Attendance Review Boards (SARB) as Board Members addressing truant and behavioral issues in school districts throughout Southern California.

CTD will establish one day a month that symbolizes a day with non-violence and no crime. This day will honor the commitment and efforts of Dr. King. The day will be called, “Just Trying to Love Somebody Day.” School students will wear CTD T-shirts as a symbol of Peace, Love, Respect, Honor and Community, practicing a Day of Humanity, which will occur on or around the fourth day of each month. While delivering his last sermon to a church congregation days before his death, D​r. King told everyone how he wanted to be remembered when his time came. He said, “Just say that I tried to love somebody.” Dr. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968.

Continuing The Dream Correctional Employees Organization